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Five Things To Do in Michigan This Weekend 9/10-12

Andrew Norton

I'm starting up a new feature to highlight select events across Michigan for each weekend. There is a chill in the air and the weekend weather looks fairly promising (umbrellas optional in select areas of the state :) ) across the state. Get out and enjoy some Pure Michigan.

1. Paw Paw Wine and Harvest Festival There is a lot to do for all ages at this festival. Car Show, Craft Show, Carnival Rides, Wine Tasting, Music, a parade, and much more.

2. Breakfast for the animals at Binder Park Zoo Go behind the scenes and see what the animals eat for breakfast as well as a chance to help feed the animals.

3. Antique Engine and Tractor Show in Bangor September 9-12 - call (269) 639-2010 for open times and other details.

4. Good Old Days Festival in Richmond "Highlights during the four days include; demolition derby, figure 8 derby, tractor/truck pulls, musical entertainment both in the beverage tent and on the festival stage, Mid America Shows, and fireworks." Give it a look and see for yourself why this was voted Michigan's Best Small Town Festival.

5. U.P. Fall Beer Festival This is the second year for this event (formally U.P. Oktoberfest) that will feature over 30 Michigan craft brewers with almost 200 varieties of beer to sample.

The places we visited in the U.P. on our Michigan vacation

Andrew Norton

Note: This is the Third and Final post about our vacation in Michigan's Upper Peninsula We had a great time traveling around the Upper Peninsula for a week (which is far too short a time to see all of it). My one real regret is that we ran out of time to see Pictured Rocks. We'll just have to save that for another trip, I guess.

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Upper Tahquamenon Falls in the Fall

Andrew Norton

Upper Tahquamenon Falls 2, originally uploaded by tstevensphoto.

Enjoy the splendor of the U.P. on this fall Friday afternoon. It sure is looking pretty up there. I spoke with someone this week and they said the color up near Newberry was going to hit its peak real soon. How fitting that these falls are near Paradise (Michigan that is!).

It will be just gorgeous up there, I'm sure. More information about Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

Have a Great Weekend!

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Article on driving Michigan's U.P.

Andrew Norton

It's nice to see Michigan's Upper Peninsula get some more love from the national media. The only downside? Where's the love from Michigan's media in the lower peninsula? We have such a treasure north of the Mackinac Bridge that (in my humble opinion) does not get touted enough. Anyway, back to the aforementioned article on the U.P. It's written from the perspective of a native Detroiter whose last visit was as a child and is now returning to look for nature and antiques. At least, that's what I took from the article.

It's a brief foray into the wonders (both the natural and those built by man) of the U.P. In fact, I would say that my biggest complaint about the article is that it is too brief. It only mentions traveling from the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on up to Copper Harbor and all in between. My second biggest complaint is that there seems to be a preset notion in the writer's mind that comes through in his writing. It's like he expects to find that the U.P. is some backwards locale with a garage sale economy.

However, with that said, my favorite quote from the article might have been meant as a jab, but I take it as a complement -

the U.P. is an out-of-the-way, out-of-the-past American preserve.

I like the fact that the U.P. has not yet (and hopefully never will) become part of the homogenized, cookie cutter, chunk of America that has Wal-Marted it's way across small towns rendering them nearly identical to the one you previously passed through.

The U.P. and it's residents are unique and I would never change that.

With all that said, if you want to read the article - click here.

The U.P. was named one of the top 50 vacation getaways

Andrew Norton

Shoot! The secret is out. Our wonderful and unique U.P. was named in the top 50 vacation getaways by Disney Family Travel. The title for the U.P. description at is - "Wilderness and Waterfalls Are the Ultimate Escape." You can sort out a travel itinerary by age such as babies, toddlers, school-age, and pre-teens/teens. They have information on a ton of great U.P. destinations with the idea that you spread out your vacation over three days (what!? only three days).

Anyway, it's great to see Michigan's U.P. get the recognition it deserves. I love vacationing up there so much that I try to head up there at least once a year.

Also receiving a mention - Mackinac Island (ranked #27 on the list), and Traverse City (#41).

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