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New State Park 'Recreation Passport' is coming October 1st

Andrew Norton

You will now have an easier (and cheaper!) way to visit state parks here in Michigan. Beginning October 1st, for an additional $10 on your license plate/tab renewal you can get the "Recreation Passport" which gets you in to all 98 Michigan state parks and recreation areas. All you have to do is check 'Yes' on your license tab renewal form. The $10 fee replaces the $24 fee that was charged for the windshield sticker. I always thought it was a pretty good deal at $24, but at $10 it's a no-brainer.

You can be traveling around Michigan and pull into any state park or recreation area knowing you don't have to fork over $6 for a day pass. I know that when we have the state park pass we use it all the time by stopping in at the nearest state park when we're on the road. If you have it, you use it.

How will the Michigan State Park service know I paid the $10?

When you check 'Yes' and pay the $10 fee you will receive a sticker to place on your license plate. If you don't have the passport and decide to stop in at a state park you "will be required to purchase the Recreation Passport (for a possibly higher fee)."

Check out for more information on the "Recreation Passport."

What are your Labor Day Weekend plans?

Andrew Norton

A lot of people in Michigan use the long Labor Day Weekend as a chance to enjoy one last bit of summer before school starts and the cold fall winds begin to blow. I know about 50,000 or so will be walking across the Mackinac Bridge on Monday. Most of the Michigan State Parks will be at or near capacity with folks camping over the weekend. The rest of us will most likely at least have a cookout of some sort. How about you?

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Mackinac State Historic Parks are opening this week

Andrew Norton

Summer must be just around the corner because several of the Mackinac State Parks are opening this week. Historic Mill Creek and Colonial Michilimackinac opened up this morning. Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island opens up tomorrow, May 5 and Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse in Mackinaw City opens next Monday, May 11th. Discounts are available for groups of 12 people or more and you can also purchase a combination ticket that lets you pick three of the four Mackinac State Historic Parks for $23 for adults. Watch this video for a quick look at the Mackinac State Historic Parks -

State looking to axe Michigan State Park fees

Andrew Norton

Legislation has been proposed that would axe the $6 daily and $24 annual Michigan State Park fees in favor of an additional $10 on your vehicle registration. Any vehicle with a Michigan plate would gain entrance to any state park without paying. They want to include an option to opt out of paying the additional $10 on your vehicle registration. This would create a policy similar to the numerous roadside stands selling produce or something and they have a tin can that you place your money in. It's covered by an honesty policy. They expect people to tell the park attendant that they did not pay the additional $10 fee? Really?

How else would this be tracked?

Now this is estimated to bring in more revenue than the current $10 million that park entrance fees bring in and you know that the state parks are in need of more funds. They just can't keep up with upkeep and have even considered selling some parks in recent years.

Honestly, I would be more apt to stop in at state parks if my fee was already paid. It would be nice to just drive on in and not have to wait in line to pay for a daily or annual pass.

What do you think?

Free guide to Michigan's State Parks

Andrew Norton

Michigan has 97 state parks and recreation areas. That makes for a lot of opportunities for recreation that many other states just don't have. It also makes for a lot of information to go through when you try to decide to camp or stop at one of our state parks. Well, I created a lens at Squidoo on the Michigan State Parks that I hope parcels out enough information to help narrow down your search without overwhelming the user. For each of the state parks and recreation areas I provide campground details (if a campground is available) and the recreation activities that await visitors such as hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, and many others.

Each state park listing is provided with a link to a page with even more information about that park. Basically, my guide is a condensed highlight guide that you can scan much quicker than the full detail pages.

The Michigan State Parks are grouped geographically as follows - Upper Peninsula State Parks Northern Michigan State Parks Western Michigan State Parks Eastern Michigan State Parks

Visit the Michigan State Parks lens today.