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New State Park 'Recreation Passport' is coming October 1st

Andrew Norton

You will now have an easier (and cheaper!) way to visit state parks here in Michigan. Beginning October 1st, for an additional $10 on your license plate/tab renewal you can get the "Recreation Passport" which gets you in to all 98 Michigan state parks and recreation areas. All you have to do is check 'Yes' on your license tab renewal form. The $10 fee replaces the $24 fee that was charged for the windshield sticker. I always thought it was a pretty good deal at $24, but at $10 it's a no-brainer.

You can be traveling around Michigan and pull into any state park or recreation area knowing you don't have to fork over $6 for a day pass. I know that when we have the state park pass we use it all the time by stopping in at the nearest state park when we're on the road. If you have it, you use it.

How will the Michigan State Park service know I paid the $10?

When you check 'Yes' and pay the $10 fee you will receive a sticker to place on your license plate. If you don't have the passport and decide to stop in at a state park you "will be required to purchase the Recreation Passport (for a possibly higher fee)."

Check out for more information on the "Recreation Passport."