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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Beautiful Video of the Fall Colors in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Andrew Norton

I just love fall here in Michigan. In fact, I came up with a solid list of the five main reasons that it's such a favorite of mine.

  1. Cool, crisp air means sweatshirt weather.
  2. Apple picking (and eating in pie, applesauce, apple crisp, etc.)
  3. Cider season (and my favorite cider donuts from Corey Lake Orchards!)
  4. I feel like making chili, pot roast, and turkey with all the fixings
  5. Last, but not least - The Beautiful Fall Colors

Put on a sweatshirt, grab a glass of cider, and dunk a donut while you watch this beautiful video of the fall colors in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. See if you can spot the locations - Pictured Rocks, Grand Marais, Au Train, and Kingston Lake.

Michigan fruit crops devastated by crazy spring weather

Andrew Norton

photo credit: jsorbieus via photo pin cc Those wonderful March days of temperatures in the 70s and 80s gave way to frigid April temperatures and harmful freezes. Fruit trees blossomed early because of the warm weather and the freezing temperatures killed the fragile buds.

This is horrible news for Michigan's fruit farmers who have seen the tart cherry crop all but destroyed and the sweet cherry, apple, and other fruit crops severely damaged.

I'm not sure what the total affect will be on the cherry products that we carry in our gourmet Michigan gift baskets. Most likely, we will be faced with a choice of higher costs (due to little if any tart cherry crop this year) in some instances or the likelihood of having to replace some of our cherry products with other Michigan fruits.

We'll keep you posted on our cherry product availability and at the same time - we'll keep a lookout for other products to carry in the event that cherry products become too costly or unavailable.

Which Great Lake is your favorite for swimming?

Andrew Norton

With the temperature in the 90s the next two days it got me thinking about going to the beach. Specifically any beach along Lake Michigan since it's the Great Lake that is closest to us. Then I started to wonder if people had a favorite Great Lake and that brings us to a new poll question! My personal favorite is Lake Michigan mainly because of its proximity and sandy bottom along west Michigan's shoreline. I have never attempted a swim in Lake Superior - I dipped my toe in and that was enough. The only time I was over at Lake Erie was before it started to get cleaned up and there was no way I was swimming in that. I've never been to Lake Ontario and the one time I was at Lake Huron it wasn't warm enough for swimming.

So, how about you?

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Vote for your favorite Mackinac Island ferry boat service

Andrew Norton

When I was a kid it seemed like we always took the Star Line or Shepler's ferry boats to Mackinac Island. I always wanted to sit on the top deck (despite the frigid early morning temperatures) and take in all of the scenery. The ride seemed to last forever and the excitement level would rise as the brilliantly white front porch of the Grand Hotel would come into view. Now, I'm married and my wife gets a bit seasick so we stick with the Catamaran from the Arnold Line. It's a smoother and quicker ride which is easier for her to handle. I miss getting more "bang" for my buck with the slightly longer ride to the island. This summer we are taking our kids to the island for the first time - I wonder if they will want to ride up top and freeze?

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What is your favorite winter activity in Michigan?

Andrew Norton

We are past the halfway point for winter and by now people in Michigan start to count down the days until spring. Others have so much fun skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and other activities that only take place in the winter that they wish for spring weather to hold off so they can keep having fun in Michigan's Winter Wonderland. Personally, I'm okay with winter, but when the calendar rolls over to March I start to get the itch to work in the garden and not have to bundle up in layers to spend time outside. How about you?

Take a second to vote in this week's poll for your favorite winter activity:

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