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Use a Yooper Scooper to clear snow this winter

Andrew Norton

[UPDATE]I have used my Yooper Scooper quite a few times already this winter and I have to say that this is probably THE best investment I have made lately. Clearing the driveway takes a fraction of the time it used to take using the old shovel. Plus, I no longer have a sore back for two days following a session of driveway shoveling.

For the record, my driveway is crushed limestone and my Yooper Scooper glides right over it without any trouble at all. Also, I am 6' 4" and the handle is just right - I don't have to stoop over to use it properly :).

Just push, tip, and dump the snow. I love it!

Save your back and save your money (by not buying a snowblower and filling it with gas) with a Yooper Scooper (as it's called in the Upper Peninsula) or as it is more commonly known, a Snow Scoop. You simply push the scoop until it is full and then drag it to where you want to dump the snow. Repeat until your driveway is clear :).

I'm ordering my new snow scoop today in anticipation of the snowy forecast. You can either order one off of Amazon [affiliate link] - the 22" Suncast model - or from a Michigan-based company - Silver Bear Manufacturing has their 22" snow scoop for under $70. The Silver Bear snow scoop is highly recommended by folks who have had the same one for over 20 years - can't argue with that!

If you are seeking ways to avoid the snow, visit this list of Indoor Water Parks in Michigan.

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Favorite vegetables to plant in your garden

Andrew Norton

Mother Earth News magazine polled its readers last fall as to what their favorite vegetables were to grow in their gardens. The results were broken down by specific geographic areas such as Midwest, South, The top vote getters for the Midwest region are listed in this week's poll question for you to vote on.

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Do you plant a vegetable garden?

Andrew Norton

In these tough economic times a growing number of people are doing just that. Those with minimal property living in towns and cities are even going so far as to tear up their grass and plant a garden in its place. Record numbers are being set by the seed companies for quantity of seeds sold as people everywhere plant gardens. Not only does having your own garden save you money at the grocery store, it also guarantees that you know everything that was (or was not) put into the soil to grow those vegetables. Myself, I like to only use compost and water to turn out fantastic veggies from our garden. Ever since I read "The World Without Us" (particularly about the study of how long non-organic fertilizers remain in the soil) I have refrained from using chemical fertilizers.

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Park Seed

Seasoned Michiganders will enjoy today for what it is

Andrew Norton

Anyone who has been through a few Michigan winters will recognize the warm temps across the state today for what they are - an anomaly. We're supposed to get up to 65 here in southwest Michigan by this afternoon. I'll be wearing short sleeves and grilling some steaks while enjoying this brief respite from winter's icy grasp. Enjoy it while it lasts, because we Michigan winter veterans know that this is merely a tease of the spring that is still a long way off from coming. In a couple of days it's supposed to be cold and snowing again. That's why days like today are meant to have all of the fun and enjoyment we can squeeze from them. It's what gets us through the last six weeks of winter.

Have a Great Day!


Free Fishing Weekend February 14-15

Andrew Norton

The winter Free Fishing Weekend in Michigan will take place February 14-15, 2009. Take your Valentine out for a day of fishing this year without having to purchase a license :). Actually, it's a great way to introduce entire families to the fun of fishing without having to invest in a license. It is supposed to warm up between now and then so ice fishing might not be a possibility (at least here in southwest Michigan).

Here's what it says at the Michigan DNR website:

All fishing license fees will be waived for two days. Residents and outstate visitors may enjoy fishing on both inland and Great Lakes' waters for all species of fish. All fishing regulations will still apply.