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Favorite vegetables to plant in your garden

Andrew Norton

Mother Earth News magazine polled its readers last fall as to what their favorite vegetables were to grow in their gardens. The results were broken down by specific geographic areas such as Midwest, South, The top vote getters for the Midwest region are listed in this week's poll question for you to vote on.

[poll id="24"]

Gardening question for this week's poll

Andrew Norton

We've been getting our seeds started recently and that got me wondering what other people plant in their gardens. We plant tomatoes, pole beans (higher yield for space used), onions, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and zucchini. We also have a number of herbs that we use for cooking like chives, thyme, rosemary, and a bunch of others that have slipped my mind. That brings us to this week's poll question. Vote in the poll and feel free to add in the comments the specific plants you grow and even how big (or small) your garden is. I have a feeling there will be a lot more gardeners this year due to folks wanting to save money.

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Use these books to plan and take care of your garden this year

Andrew Norton

Even though winter has returned for a few days and you can't work in your garden due to the snow and the cold you can still research and plan your 2007 garden. I've come across some great gardening books and all of these are meant just for gardening in Michigan. Consider adding these gardening books to your library:

Perennials for Michigan Gardening Month by Month in Michigan Michigan Gardener's Guide Annuals for Michigan Best Garden Plants for Michigan Landscaping With Native Plants in Michigan Tree and Shrub Gardening for Michigan

It won't be long and the cold will all be behind us and the warm sunny days of spring will be back. Meanwhile, there is a lot of garden work to do with seeds to start, perennials to thin, shrubs to prune, and much more.