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Why The Great Lakes Are Great

Andrew Norton

I saw the below video shared on social media this week and it did a decent job of summing up why the Great Lakes are so great. Growing up in Michigan, I can remember studying HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior) back in elementary school geography lessons and how the glaciers formed the Great Lakes.

It seemed like every year around Michigan Week (does anyone remember Michigan Week?) we would focus on Michigan history and geography which inevitably lead to studying the Great Lakes. I believe it was in the 4th grade when we watched this 1968 film (yes, it was on a film reel!). Funny, how the image of the man in the midst of the polluted waters has stuck with me all these years later.

Just watched this again for the first time in over 30 years and it was a real nostalgic treat. Amidst the schmaltzy music and humor you do get a good overview of how The Great Lakes formed.

Probably around this same time period in elementary school, we also watched this Canadian classic - Paddle to the Sea. The possibility that you could send a little boat down a stream in the woods and it would flow all the way through the Great Lakes to the ocean always intrigued me as a child.

Does anyone else remember watching these films back in the day? How about Michigan Week?

Which Great Lake is your favorite for swimming?

Andrew Norton

With the temperature in the 90s the next two days it got me thinking about going to the beach. Specifically any beach along Lake Michigan since it's the Great Lake that is closest to us. Then I started to wonder if people had a favorite Great Lake and that brings us to a new poll question! My personal favorite is Lake Michigan mainly because of its proximity and sandy bottom along west Michigan's shoreline. I have never attempted a swim in Lake Superior - I dipped my toe in and that was enough. The only time I was over at Lake Erie was before it started to get cleaned up and there was no way I was swimming in that. I've never been to Lake Ontario and the one time I was at Lake Huron it wasn't warm enough for swimming.

So, how about you?

[poll id="48"]

Pictures and video of the huge waves at St. Joseph, Michigan

Andrew Norton

When I heard the weather report Monday morning calling for high winds and possible waves on Lake Michigan of 10-20 feet I felt compelled to drive over to the lighthouse at St. Joseph, Michigan for a closeup look. From the moment I drove through downtown and could just get a peak at Lake Michigan off the top of the bluff I knew it was going to be well worth the trip.

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Savoring every last bit of summer

Andrew Norton

, originally uploaded by myn91.

Wow! What a photo! The sun has melted into the waters of Lake Michigan leaving a wake of deep purples and pinks streaking across the horizon.

I love the dune grass in the foreground. It's almost as if you are sitting there watching the sun go down.

Happy Friday Everybody!

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The Free Press has a neat video series on the Great Lakes

Andrew Norton

At you can view a neat video series on the Great Lakes put together by columnist Mike Wendland. There are currently two videos up - Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. The Lake Superior video begins with the Soo Locks. Other highlights of this video are - Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, a commercial Whitefish (yum! visit for a location near you) operation, and the U.P. Pasty.

View the Lake Superior video

The Lake Michigan video features - Petoskey stones (official state stone), trillium (official state flower), Sleeping Bear Dunes, and ends with one of Lake Michigan's famous sunsets.

View the Lake Michigan video