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Why The Great Lakes Are Great

Andrew Norton

I saw the below video shared on social media this week and it did a decent job of summing up why the Great Lakes are so great. Growing up in Michigan, I can remember studying HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior) back in elementary school geography lessons and how the glaciers formed the Great Lakes.

It seemed like every year around Michigan Week (does anyone remember Michigan Week?) we would focus on Michigan history and geography which inevitably lead to studying the Great Lakes. I believe it was in the 4th grade when we watched this 1968 film (yes, it was on a film reel!). Funny, how the image of the man in the midst of the polluted waters has stuck with me all these years later.

Just watched this again for the first time in over 30 years and it was a real nostalgic treat. Amidst the schmaltzy music and humor you do get a good overview of how The Great Lakes formed.

Probably around this same time period in elementary school, we also watched this Canadian classic - Paddle to the Sea. The possibility that you could send a little boat down a stream in the woods and it would flow all the way through the Great Lakes to the ocean always intrigued me as a child.

Does anyone else remember watching these films back in the day? How about Michigan Week?

A contrast in Detroit women circa early 1900s

Andrew Norton

I was browsing through online photograph archives of old photographs from Detroit and came across these two contrasting images of women in Detroit from a relatively similar time period of the early 1900s. Welding Lincoln Motor Co

These hard working ladies are shown in the welding department of the Lincoln Motor Company around 1914-1918. Obviously, this was during World War I and women were needed to work the factories in the absence of men.

Detroit Boat Club

Here we have a group of women enjoying a leisurely time on the veranda of the Detroit Boat Club between 1900 and 1910. Were any of these ladies thrust into service at the factories like those above? Or did a life of privilege exclude them from such duty?

I just wonder these things when looking at old photographs.

Photos of Michigan snow storms from the past

Andrew Norton

This winter is how I remember (incorrectly or not, I am not sure) winter when I was a kid. Snow that fell around the first of the year and stayed until March. Multiple days off of school. Playing outside until my feet were numb. I thought I would share some photos of snow storms from Michigan's past. I was just a young pup when the Blizzard of '78 hit so I only have the stories my folks told me. My dad using a tractor to try and plow out the rural road to the main highway, people trying to drive through the 3+ foot drifts and getting stuck by our house, and everything being shut down for days as everyone dug out of the snow.

Check out these photos of snow storms from Michigan's past.

Cadillac, 1943 Cadillac, MI 1943

Calumet Calumet_

Detroit Detroit__Snowy_street_scene

Upper Peninsula Michigan snowtunnel

Calumet Bakery Calumet__Bakery_on_snowy_Pine_Street

Train plowing snow

Houghton County Snow Plow Houghton County Snow Plow

The Great Storm of November 1913

Andrew Norton

100 years ago over a span from November 7th through November 10th, the deadliest storm to ever hit the Great Lakes killed over 250 people and caused 12 major shipwrecks. The storm's 90 mph winds created 35 foot waves on the Great Lakes and the accompanying blizzard conditions gave this storm it's name - The White Hurricane.

Read more about The Great Storm of 1913 -

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Tiger Stadium Link Roundup

Andrew Norton

Not much is being said in the media this week leading up to what would have been the 100th anniversary of Tiger Stadium (Navin Field when it opened in 1912) so I thought I would at least post some videos and links to relevant Tiger Stadium information. Tiger Stadium Links

Brief History of Tiger Stadium

Ballpark Tour - Tiger Stadium

Baseball Almanac looks at Navin Field, Briggs Stadium, Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium Videos

Jeff Daniels, Ernie Harwell, George Kell, Al Kaline, and others reminisce about Tiger Stadium -

Color footage of an August 4, 1956 game between the Yankees and Tigers at what was then still called Briggs Stadium -

The 1984 "Bless You Boys" brought the most people to ever go through the turnstiles at Tiger Stadium in a season -

Of course, you can't talk about Tiger Stadium without having Ernie Harwell share his Tiger Stadium memories -