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Photos of Michigan snow storms from the past

Andrew Norton

This winter is how I remember (incorrectly or not, I am not sure) winter when I was a kid. Snow that fell around the first of the year and stayed until March. Multiple days off of school. Playing outside until my feet were numb. I thought I would share some photos of snow storms from Michigan's past. I was just a young pup when the Blizzard of '78 hit so I only have the stories my folks told me. My dad using a tractor to try and plow out the rural road to the main highway, people trying to drive through the 3+ foot drifts and getting stuck by our house, and everything being shut down for days as everyone dug out of the snow.

Check out these photos of snow storms from Michigan's past.

Cadillac, 1943 Cadillac, MI 1943

Calumet Calumet_

Detroit Detroit__Snowy_street_scene

Upper Peninsula Michigan snowtunnel

Calumet Bakery Calumet__Bakery_on_snowy_Pine_Street

Train plowing snow

Houghton County Snow Plow Houghton County Snow Plow