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Spend a week this summer as a lighthouse keeper at Tawas Point Lighthouse

Andrew Norton

Are you looking for a unique Michigan vacation for the summer? The Tawas Point Lighthouse has an opportunity for you to make a very memorable stay as their lighthouse keeper for a week this summer. You will need to fill out an application, a letter stating why you wish to be a lighthouse keeper, send a $25 non-refundable deposit, as well as submit a letter of reference. If you luck out and are picked to serve as a keeper for a week you will then need to pay a $225 rental fee for your stay at the refurbished keeper's quarters.

How cool would that be to wake up each morning in a Michigan historic lighthouse?

Your daily duties as lighthouse keeper may include:

  • Providing tours
  • Deal with the public
  • Handle unexpected emergencies
  • Working in the Lighthouse Store
  • Performing routine cleaning and maintenance

More information on how to become a lighthouse keeper at Tawas Point Light

[Original Tawas Point Lighthouse photo]

New life for the McGulpin Point Lighthouse

Andrew Norton

A few years back my wife and headed west out of Mackinaw City in search of the McGulpin Point Lighthouse. I had heard from someone that it was located west of town on private property. Being a lighthouse hound (specifically Michigan lighthouses) I went to see what was left of the old light. It wasn't difficult at all to find the lighthouse. You just take Lakeside Drive out west of Mackinaw City and then veer off on Wenniway Drive. The remains of the old lighthouse were north of where Wenniway Drive makes a sharp turn south. It looked more like a house than a lighthouse without the distinguishing turret containing the lantern.

Last July the lighthouse was purchased by Emmett County from the private owner. A new lantern and railing were put on the old lighthouse last week. A special lighting ceremony will take place on May 30th and the lighthouse and grounds will be open to the public this summer.

Get more information on the History of The McGulpin Point Lighthouse.

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Super interesting interactive Michigan Lighthouse feature

Andrew Norton

The Detroit News has a very well put together interactive display online of Michigan's many lighthouses. There is a map of all of the lighthouses that line Michigan's coast (both lower and upper peninsulas are included) and all you have to do is click on one of the icons marking a lighthouse and you will get pictures of that particular lighthouse and some facts and history as well. To make the main photo disappear just click it. It took me a few seconds to figure out that was all you had to do to access the entire map.

Interactive look at Michigan's Lighthouses

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Coast Guard abandoning Michigan lighthouses

Andrew Norton

The Detroit News ran an interesting article over the weekend about the state of Michigan's lighthouses. Once a necessary navigation tool for the ships that plied the Great Lakes - now decaying in their obsolescence and abandoned by the Coast Guard. The bottom line (as with most things these days) is the cost of maintaining these structures that are no longer needed due to technological improvements such as GPS.

The tab to restore the lights or keep them looking as they once did has been paid by private organizations and groups of volunteers. Unfortunately, these folks can't raise funds quick enough. Michigan has lost about 350 lighthouses just since 1995 according to the Detroit News article.

Read the article at The Detroit News.