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Sailboats at the docks on Mackinac Island, September 1959

Andrew Norton

This is another great shot that I found in a box of old slides that were purchased at an estate sale. I love the reflections on the water. I have added more slides from Mackinac Island and the Holland Tulip Festival from the late 1950s to my Flickr account. Coming later this week - photos of the Mackinac Bridge during its construction. There are some great ones!

Photo of frosty foggy morning in Michigan

Andrew Norton

We have had a lot of frosty foggy mornings here in Michigan over the past week. I was able to capture one that was actually sunny (the last couple days have been dark and overcast). Not sure if the photo does justice to the view I had, but it was definitely beautiful with the fog retreating and leaving behind its frosty residue on tree branches as the sun rose and attempted to warm the January sky. Can we just shorten frosty fog to froggy? Then the weather forecasters can save a syllable or two and just say that another froggy morning is expected :).

Fall colors surround Grand Island Lighthouse

Andrew Norton

The Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse is a weather-beaten beacon that has been restored in recent years and really hasn't looked better in a long time. I love the contrast of the barren weather-greyed siding of the lighthouse with an array of colors as a backdrop. According to it is,"one of the most photographed lighthouses on the Great Lakes as two local boat tour companies navigate pass it."

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This is Michigan

Andrew Norton

My Love Will Be Forever Autumn, originally uploaded by Arace.

This photo is entitled "My Love Will Be Forever Autumn" and it is simply gorgeous. This is what folks should think of when they think of Michigan.

I love the beauty of Michigan fall colors!