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Granholm puts state budget crisis on backs of taxpayers

Andrew Norton

While Gov. Granholm basically calls state legislators cowards if they don't vote in favor of a tax hike because of the fear of being recalled.

I hope every legislator has the backbone to do what's right for their districts and what's right for Michigan, and not just what's right for their political futures," Granholm said.

State legislators in some districts are being targeted by the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance with the threat of recall if they vote in favor of raising taxes to solve (temporarily at best) the state's budget deficit of $1.75 billion.

The real issue here (to me anyway) is the fact that Gov. Granholm and our state legislators have not seen the light and figured out that it would be better to cut back and have a smaller government that is efficient and can run at a lower cost. I can't believe that they still haven't figured out that people don't want higher taxes.

I grow weary of Granholm banging on the fact that the only way to fix our state's fiscal issues is to squeeze more money out of Michigan residents. Quit panhandling and start coming up with practical solutions please.

The 2006 elections are finally over

Andrew Norton

Ahh, hear that? You don't? Me either. My phones are blissfully silent except for people I actually want to talk to.

My radio is filled with talk, music, and commercials for the local auto mechanic.

My television is still filled with a lot of garbage, but at least the politicians have vacated it.

The 2006 elections are FINALLY over. Thank goodness for that.

I really don't want to recap the Michigan elections so I will provide links for those of you still interested in reading about politics. Here you go:

Granholm win is evidently a vote of hope by Michigan residents.

Granholm wins election and wins again as Democrats take control of the state House and made gains in the Senate.

Results of the various ballot proposals

The Great Debate - Granholm versus DeVos Round 2

Andrew Norton

Well the second debate took place last night between current governor Jennifer Granholm and her Republican challenger, Dick DeVos. I am not a betting man, but if I were I would have to bet that more people watched the Detroit Tigers win Game 1 of the ALCS than who watched the debate. Well, if you didn't watch the debate (hey I'll be honest - I watched the Tigers) you apparently did not miss much. More mudslinging and rhetoric was thrown from both podiums.

There really is nothing new to bring to the table for voters from this debate. These two candidates are supposed to be showing why they deserve our votes. Unfortunately, these debates are most likely turning away more voters than getting people interested in the voting process.

I hate to say it, but this looks like an election where people will choose the lesser of two evils as neither candidate has expounded on their theories as to how to bring Michigan back from the brink.

Granholm and DeVos versus the Detroit Tigers

Andrew Norton

With tonight's second Gubernatorial Debate scheduled for 8 p.m. it appears that there is now a third party taking place in the debate that just might out duel Governor Granholm and her opponent, Dick DeVos. You see, the debate is going up against the Detroit Tigers opening game of the American League Championship Series. My guess is that Granholm and DeVos will both be losers to viewers and voters wanting to watch something that does not happen every four years - the Detroit Tigers in the postseason.

I know I'll be watching the Tigers game. How about you?

Granholm leads DeVos in latest poll

Andrew Norton

A new poll by The Detroit News/WXYZ-TV shows Governor Jennifer Granholm leading Dick DeVos 50% to 47%. Dick DeVos has been running television ads for about 6 months to the tune of $13 million and Granholm has just recently begun her television ad campaign. I believe that this goes back to my previous post titled, "Can a Millionaire Michigan Congressman Represent the Average Michigander?" It sure seems that in politics these days whomever has the deepest pockets to fund the largest advertising campaign garners the most votes in November.

Look at these simple facts. DeVos was running television ads left and right and spending $13 million to do so while Granholm's campaign bided their time. He built up a lead in the polls back in June of 48% to Granholm's 40%.

Now that Granholm's campaign is spending the advertising dollars is it really a surprise that things have swung back her way to this slight lead? You spend money and good things will happen.

I am not saying that money talks so well that you could put a social lowlife such as a meth dealer into a campaign and spend enough money so they would win an election. You have to have someone people relate to and believe in. Granholm and DeVos fit the bill for quite a few folks according to these polls.

Via The Detroit News.

Hey Granholm & DeVos, it's the Economy, Stupid

Andrew Norton

Remember Bill Clinton's successful presidential campaign in 1992? The Democratic strategist, James Carville, hung a sign in Clinton's campaign headquarters that had the following three points -

  1. Change vs. more of the same
  2. The economy, stupid
  3. Don't forget health care.

You know, both Granholm and DeVos could both be using those three points in their campaigns this year. Especially now that a recent poll from the Detroit News shows that 79% of Michigan voters polled say the economy (stupid) is the top challenge facing Michigan. Also, 64% believe that Michigan's economy is getting weaker with only 9% thinking it is getting stronger.

One of the poll's scariest numbers (at least to me) was that Education was in second place (behind the Economy at 79%) with 4% believing that it is the most serious issue affecting Michigan. Without a proper education how will the future Michigan workforce be any better prepared for a rapidly changing economy than our current workforce?

Will it be Governor Granholm or her challenger Dick DeVos that creates a solid plan (with hard facts and figures) and gives Michigan voters enough hope to garner their votes this November?