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The 2006 elections are finally over

Andrew Norton

Ahh, hear that? You don't? Me either. My phones are blissfully silent except for people I actually want to talk to.

My radio is filled with talk, music, and commercials for the local auto mechanic.

My television is still filled with a lot of garbage, but at least the politicians have vacated it.

The 2006 elections are FINALLY over. Thank goodness for that.

I really don't want to recap the Michigan elections so I will provide links for those of you still interested in reading about politics. Here you go:

Granholm win is evidently a vote of hope by Michigan residents.

Granholm wins election and wins again as Democrats take control of the state House and made gains in the Senate.

Results of the various ballot proposals

Thoughts on the third Granholm vs. DeVos debate

Andrew Norton

It is hard to adequately state my displeasure with these three debates fights that took place between Governor Granholm and her challenger, Dick DeVos. What a waste of time for the great people of the state of Michigan. Neither candidate did anything to solidify their positions on the economy, taxes, or education. While DeVos has done essentially nothing (in my eyes) as far as presenting a fact-based solid plan for Michigan's recovery you have to ask yourself a simple question in regard to Jennifer Granholm. Are you better off than you were four years ago?

You see, this is why voter apathy is so high these days. The negative campaigning and the mud-slinging debates make voters decide to not cast a vote at all rather than vote for one of the two major party candidates.

Granholm has the 8-9 point lead in the polls but is it because she has done such a good job or is it because DeVos has not done anything to garner our votes?

Read what the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press are saying about the debate.

Round 3 of the DeVos versus Granholm debate tonight

Andrew Norton

Governor Jennifer Granholm and her Republican challenger, Dick DeVos, square off tonight in the third and final (thankfully) debate. The first two debates have been an exhibition in good old mudslinging while not exactly swaying potential voters with their political rhetoric. Will either candidate present a detailed, fact-based plan for turning Michigan around? Judging by the previous debates and the heated war-of-words I would have to say - no.

I just wish that the two of them could set aside the rhetoric and provide the answers that Michigan voters are looking for. I don't care what Granholm has or has not done. I don't care what DeVos says needs to be changed in our state. I just want solutions, not more problems.

Here is my wishlist for tonight's debate:

  • The number one issue in Michigan is the economy - I want specific plans from each candidate as to how they intend to turn Michigan's economy around for the long-term future.
  • Taxes - how can DeVos throw out the SBT and keep necessary government services at their current levels? I think all of Michigan wants the answer to that, not just Jennifer Granholm.
  • I want Governor Granholm to quit harping on the previous administration (John Engler) and blaming them for our current economic plight. If she would take ownership of our state's troubles and come up with a specific plan I think she could get back above a 50% approval rating and run away with the election.

Unfortunately, based upon the previous two debates I do not see any of the above three items being addressed with specifics.

Read what the Lansing State Journal is saying about Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos.

Watch the debate at 8pm tonight via the Detroit News' website.

The Great Debate - Granholm versus DeVos Round 2

Andrew Norton

Well the second debate took place last night between current governor Jennifer Granholm and her Republican challenger, Dick DeVos. I am not a betting man, but if I were I would have to bet that more people watched the Detroit Tigers win Game 1 of the ALCS than who watched the debate. Well, if you didn't watch the debate (hey I'll be honest - I watched the Tigers) you apparently did not miss much. More mudslinging and rhetoric was thrown from both podiums.

There really is nothing new to bring to the table for voters from this debate. These two candidates are supposed to be showing why they deserve our votes. Unfortunately, these debates are most likely turning away more voters than getting people interested in the voting process.

I hate to say it, but this looks like an election where people will choose the lesser of two evils as neither candidate has expounded on their theories as to how to bring Michigan back from the brink.

Granholm and DeVos versus the Detroit Tigers

Andrew Norton

With tonight's second Gubernatorial Debate scheduled for 8 p.m. it appears that there is now a third party taking place in the debate that just might out duel Governor Granholm and her opponent, Dick DeVos. You see, the debate is going up against the Detroit Tigers opening game of the American League Championship Series. My guess is that Granholm and DeVos will both be losers to viewers and voters wanting to watch something that does not happen every four years - the Detroit Tigers in the postseason.

I know I'll be watching the Tigers game. How about you?

Register by October 10 to vote in the November Michigan elections

Andrew Norton

Just a friendly reminder that you must register to vote by October 10 (next Tuesday) in order to vote in the November 7 election in Michigan. Information on registering to vote can be found at Check your voter registration status at

Remember, if you want to complain about our state government, taxes, and anything else that can be determined by elections - Get Out and Vote!