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Granholm leads DeVos in latest poll

Andrew Norton

A new poll by The Detroit News/WXYZ-TV shows Governor Jennifer Granholm leading Dick DeVos 50% to 47%. Dick DeVos has been running television ads for about 6 months to the tune of $13 million and Granholm has just recently begun her television ad campaign. I believe that this goes back to my previous post titled, "Can a Millionaire Michigan Congressman Represent the Average Michigander?" It sure seems that in politics these days whomever has the deepest pockets to fund the largest advertising campaign garners the most votes in November.

Look at these simple facts. DeVos was running television ads left and right and spending $13 million to do so while Granholm's campaign bided their time. He built up a lead in the polls back in June of 48% to Granholm's 40%.

Now that Granholm's campaign is spending the advertising dollars is it really a surprise that things have swung back her way to this slight lead? You spend money and good things will happen.

I am not saying that money talks so well that you could put a social lowlife such as a meth dealer into a campaign and spend enough money so they would win an election. You have to have someone people relate to and believe in. Granholm and DeVos fit the bill for quite a few folks according to these polls.

Via The Detroit News.