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Today, there will be no newspaper delivered to my door

Andrew Norton

Today I bravely stride forth into a new era. All through my formative years while living at home, even my college years, and on into my adulthood I have received a daily newspaper. Yesterday I read the last newspaper that will be delivered to my doorstep. I read a large number of online newspapers and news sites on a daily basis. By the time my afternoon paper gets here the news is already old news. Recent changes to our paper have also been blatant in their attempts to disguise the decline in the amount of news that was reported on.

Instead of mainly receiving a plethora of ads and flyers in the Sunday paper, we have begun seeing a bunch of junk ads Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well. It was like the paper was compensating for the lack of news with advertising.

Even that staple of childhood - the funnies, comics, funny pages - have lost their humor and traded it in for politics, political correctness, and social agendas. The comics have not been the same since Bill Watterson quit drawing my favorite comic - Calvin and Hobbes.

So, I bid a fond ado to those days of holding the news in my hand. Another side benefit to no longer receiving the paper is one less thing to recycle and take up space in my garage.