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Granholm puts state budget crisis on backs of taxpayers

Andrew Norton

While Gov. Granholm basically calls state legislators cowards if they don't vote in favor of a tax hike because of the fear of being recalled.

I hope every legislator has the backbone to do what's right for their districts and what's right for Michigan, and not just what's right for their political futures," Granholm said.

State legislators in some districts are being targeted by the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance with the threat of recall if they vote in favor of raising taxes to solve (temporarily at best) the state's budget deficit of $1.75 billion.

The real issue here (to me anyway) is the fact that Gov. Granholm and our state legislators have not seen the light and figured out that it would be better to cut back and have a smaller government that is efficient and can run at a lower cost. I can't believe that they still haven't figured out that people don't want higher taxes.

I grow weary of Granholm banging on the fact that the only way to fix our state's fiscal issues is to squeeze more money out of Michigan residents. Quit panhandling and start coming up with practical solutions please.