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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Copper Country: A Unique Board Game Set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Andrew Norton

Ah, that headline doesn't really do this game justice. Copper Country is an incredible looking board game set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, well the Keewenaw Peninsula to be precise. The game is designed by two Yoopers, David Lankton and Scott Diehl.

The year is 1840 and America's first mining boom is about to change Michigan's Upper Peninsula forever. Take on the role of a mining company and compete for copper by casting miners and machines into the underground lottery.

As the industry grows, so do the communities surrounding your mines. But every attempt to wrest copper from the ground hangs the fortunes of your company, and the lives of your miners, in the balance.

Life, Work, Profit, Death: Copper Country.

The passion these two guys have in seeing this game become a reality is evident throughout the presentation and look of Copper Country. David's dad, Larry Lankton, taught Copper Country history at Michigan Tech University in addition to researching and writing books on the subject. He passed that love of the area's history to his son and he, in turn, is attempting to pass it along through his love of board games.

I've pored over the Kickstarter page, looked over the game components, and studied how the game plays out. I have to say, this is probably the best looking and well thought out board game project I have seen on Kickstarter. This game looks like it is ready to go - the guys just need funding to get it printed and shipped.

I collect and play a large number of board games and it's funny, but just this week I was trying to dream up (while building a bunch of our great gift baskets) a board game set in Michigan. Then, I happened to stumble upon Copper Country last night.

What a coincidence, eh?

Copper Country knocks it out of the park with its theme, artwork, and gameplay. I can't wait to add this to my collection and get it into our game night rotation.

And another review -

I can't wait for this game! Check out their Kickstarter and see for yourself.

Want to see a runthrough of the game? Grab a Pasty, sit down, and watch!

I already have ideas for creating a gift basket based around this game. Yep, you could say I'm a little bit excited to see this get funded!

Say Ya to Copper Country, eh!

Show your Yooper pride with a Yooper Steez t-shirt

Andrew Norton

Kicking off my daily (one new product or business each day this week M-F) focus on one Michigan product or business that has great gifts for those on your Christmas list this year is Yooper Steez. What is Steez? Well, it's simply "Style With Ease." What do they have at Yooper Steez?

Simply totally cool t-shirts with a silhouette of either Michigan's fantastic Upper Peninsula or Lake Superior. They also have stickers with 906 printed on them. 906? It just so happens that the Upper Peninsula has it's very own area code, 906.

I would post a photo of my Yooper Steez t-shirt, but a friend has it and is holding it for ransom. Might be quicker to just buy another one.

The shirt is a great conversation starter as people are constantly asking me if I am from the U.P. Others just stare in awe at the totally awesome shirt I'm sporting.

Anyway, these items would make great gifts for past, present, and future Michigan residents.

Shop at Yooper Steez today & tell them Andrew sent you ;)

First look at the Yooper Gift Basket

Andrew Norton

Well, the prototype for the Yooper Gift Basket is (finally) complete. I really like the way it turned out and hope you do too. Of course, that's why it is a prototype. It's really subject to change.

The U.P. never looked so good!

I've created a photo set a flickr showing the process of making the Yooper Gift Basket if you're interested.

Also, be sure to vote on whether or not you would be interested in a Yooper Gift Basket. I think I'll be creating a second poll later this week about what to put in the gift basket.

Would you be interested in a Yooper Gift Basket?

Andrew Norton

I'm trying out this poll feature I just added to the All Things Michigan blog last night. I am working on putting together a Yooper Gift Basket that will feature products from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Not sure yet on what all I will be putting in it, but I am working on some prototypes of the gift basket design.

Measures 12" x 8" x 5" deep

Anyway, I want to see what kind of demand there would be for an extremely unique Yooper Gift Basket so please vote :).

[poll id="2"]

One of the coolest sites from the U.P.

Andrew Norton is the place to get your fix of frozen pasty goodness shipped right to your door. While you are munching on your warmed up past you can also peruse - The Pasty Cam. What is the Pasty Cam you say?

According to the website it is -

A daily visual journal in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Not only are the photos from around the U.P. beautiful, but everyday there is a forum tied to each picture that allows you to "chat" with other folks from all over the globe by leaving comments. You will see comments from people just talking about the picture or even looking for directions to the spot the picture was taken.

I always find the comments just as interesting as the pictures. Do yourself a favor and look at the Pasty Cam today.

On the web at

Don't forget to visit the Anatomy of a Yooper exhibit

Andrew Norton

This past January I wrote about The Anatomy of a Yooper exhibit at the Marquette County History Museum that began running in April. The exhibit is still open and is featuring traditional U.P. food (I'm thinking pasties) at an open house this Thursday from 7 to 9pm. The exhibit showcases how Yoopers coped with the harsh Upper Peninsula winters and how the conditions in the U.P. created hardened workers with a great work ethic. Numerous pictures and Yooper gear abound in this interesting exhibit.

A great book to read that tells how Upper Peninsula residents made it through the tough conditions is -

So Cold A Sky, Upper Michigan Weather Stories

This book is one of the 2007 Michigan Notable Books.