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Upper Peninsula visitor poll results

Andrew Norton

The results are in for the poll I had running on my Squidoo Lens - My question was a simple one - Have you ever been to Michigan's Upper Peninsula? The following are the results -

  • Yes, but I do NOT live in Michigan - 0%
  • Yes and I DO live in Michigan - 69.2%
  • No, but I do NOT live in Michigan - 15.4%
  • No and I DO live in Michigan - 15.4%

So none of the folks who voted said that they have visited the U.P. but do NOT live in Michigan. It is a pretty small sample size so I wouldn't take much stock in that.

Maybe what surprised me more was that 15.4% said they have NOT visited the U.P. and they live in Michigan. I am biased I guess as I love going up to the Yoop. It's like when you are talking with someone from Michigan about "the bridge" and they look at you and wonder what bridge are you talking about. Oh, only one of the world's longest suspension bridges - The Mackinac Bridge.

Should I be surprised that people from Michigan don't explore their own state? I don't think it is any different than the large number of Americans who do not explore their own country. I love to learn and see different places. I'm a history nut so I guess that makes me an oddball as someone who thinks Michigan has a lot to offer.

I don't need to see any "Pure Michigan" campaigns to get me interested in our state. Do you?