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Pure Michigan ads for summer of 2013

Andrew Norton

The Pure Michigan campaign is rolling out the new ads for the summer of 2013. Featured places this summer are Tecumseh, Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek, Manistee, Mount Bohemia, Frankenmuth, and Detroit. Here are the ads for Manistee and Tecumseh -



Bonus - Detroit Tigers Pure Michigan: This fun little spot showcases members of the Detroit Tigers organization explaining what Pure Michigan means to them.

Michigan's summer tourism is looking up for 2010

Andrew Norton

If early signs such as an increase in summer reservations at Michigan hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts hold true, this could be a very good summer for Michigan tourism. Sure, the unseasonably cool weather last summer played a part in the down year for the Michigan tourism industry, but more than that, I believe the economy was to blame. More good news is that AAA Michigan is predicting gas prices to peak at $3.25 and are not expected to top $4 per gallon. This would be great news not just for Michigan tourists, but us residents as well. Last summer, gas prices in Michigan topped out at $2.93 per gallon on June 7th according to AAA Michigan.

Have we hit the bottom of this economic nightmare in Michigan as Gov. Granholm has stated? I'm not sure, but our business has really picked up and a lot of other small businesses owners that I personally know here in Michigan are experiencing an increase in business as well.

Detroit Free Press article on Michigan's summer 2010 tourism

Two more new Pure Michigan commercials

Andrew Norton

Two new Pure Michigan commercials from the 2010 Pure Michigan ad campaign have made their debuts this week. "The Perfect Spot" plays towards the numerous fishing opportunities abounding in our state. After watching it I wanted to hop in a boat and take my son fishing :).

The second (much anticipated - for me anyway :) ) ad is "Fresh" and I have been waiting for this since hearing about the topic of the commercial last year when it was being filmed. "Fresh" is all about the wonderful things to eat and drink that are grown right here in Michigan.

Here is the text of the wonderful voice-over work by Tim Allen for "Fresh."

When was the last time you stopped to taste an apple? Not just eat it, but taste it? Ever try an ear of corn that was just picked?

Enough said.

If happiness is a bowl of cherries, then all this must be heaven. Spread the jam, taste the wine, live and eat well.

And at thousands of farms, orchards, and vineyards life just plain tastes better when it's Pure Michigan.

New Pure Michigan television spot - Up in the Air

Andrew Norton

The brilliant Pure Michigan campaign continues with new commercials for 2010. The newest spot is "Up in the air" and talks of the joys of making a spontaneous trip to Michigan. I have to say from experience that Michigan is a great place for a last minute, hey the weather looks great, we need to get away - mini-vacation. Well, it's great for long vacations, too :). Anyway, watch yet another great Pure Michigan commercial featuring the voice talents of Michigan Native, Tim Allen.

Here is some behind the scenes footage of the "Fresh" Pure Michigan commercial -

Excited about traveling in Michigan this summer!

Andrew Norton

I can't help it. I love the state I live in. I'm already lining up the trips we'll be taking this summer and can't wait. We'll spend a week in the U.P. Camp here and there. Take a side trip up to Sleeping Bear Dunes and then grab some snacks in Glen Arbor at Cherry Republic after getting a coffee at Leelanau Coffee on our way out to Point Betsie Lighthouse. We'll stop for a quick bite at Scalawags Whitefish in Mackinaw City before crossing the Mackinac Bridge. Before heading towards Escanaba, we might take a slight detour east on into St. Ignace and snag a great cup of coffee at Java Joe's Cafe on the east side of town. Depending on the weather and the kiddos moods we might head north a bit at some point and take in Tahquamenon Falls and go through the Seney National Wildlife Refuge.

Oh, there's tons of stuff to do in Michigan and that's just a few of the plans that we have. Watch this video and get excited about taking a Michigan vacation this year. Then, be sure to vote in this week's poll about favorite places to visit here in Michigan. If yours isn't on the list or you want to be more specific, please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

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