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Watch Escanaba in Da Moonlight before you head to deer camp

Andrew Norton

If you're a Michigander, chances are you have heard of Jeff Daniel's film, Escanaba in Da Moonlight. It's a tale of a Yooper, Rueben Soady, whose nickname is "Buckless Yooper" due to the fact that he has never shot a buck. He is also close to becoming the oldest Soady to shoot a buck and desperately wants to avoid that. This farcical adventure is reminiscent of Strange Brew with the comedy and "out there" happenings such as the mysterious spirits who haunt the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's a fun flick that should get you all set for the opening weekend of the deer firearm season.

Intro to 'Escanaba in Da Moonlight' -

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Detroit Tigers clinch playoff spot for the first time since '87

Andrew Norton

Hey, I know this isn't a sports blog, but the Detroit Tigers make the playoffs an average of once very 15-20 years so this IS big news in Michigan. Yesterday the Tigers clinched a playoff spot with their 11-4 win over the Kansas City Royals. The last time the Tigers made the playoffs was in 1987 where they lost to the Twins. Oh yeah, that was also the year they traded away John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander. Until this year, the Tigers had pretty much been a baseball laughingstock.

In honor of this historic win I am posting a video of a song Jeff Daniels wrote called "Lifelong Tiger Fan Blues." It's about 5 1/2 minutes long

If the above YouTube player does not work, simply view this video at YouTube here.

Jeff Daniels to Help Promote Michigan

Andrew Norton

A $10 million marketing campaign that will be featured nationally in radio, TV, and print advertising is now launching. With a variety of spokesmen, Jeff Daniels is the most recognizable of the bunch. Not only has he appeared in the hit comedy "Dumb & Dumber", but he is also well known as the founder of the Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea. Some of the other participants in the Michigan sales pitch are Subhendu Guha, president of United Solar Ovonic and Maria Thompson, chief executive officer of T/J Technologies. It is interesting to note that Michigan is using an actor and some of the top executives in Michigan technology companies. No representatives from the struggling auto industry to be found.

Why would you want someone selling Michigan who can't even do a good job of selling their vehicles? I think it is great to give notice to companies and individuals who are working their tails off to do their part in growing Michigan's economy and create jobs now as well as set themselves up for job creation down the road.

Read more about this in the Detroit Free Press.