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Watch Escanaba in Da Moonlight before you head to deer camp

Andrew Norton

If you're a Michigander, chances are you have heard of Jeff Daniel's film, Escanaba in Da Moonlight. It's a tale of a Yooper, Rueben Soady, whose nickname is "Buckless Yooper" due to the fact that he has never shot a buck. He is also close to becoming the oldest Soady to shoot a buck and desperately wants to avoid that. This farcical adventure is reminiscent of Strange Brew with the comedy and "out there" happenings such as the mysterious spirits who haunt the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's a fun flick that should get you all set for the opening weekend of the deer firearm season.

Intro to 'Escanaba in Da Moonlight' -

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Are you a Michigander or a Michiganian?

Andrew Norton

The newest poll here at the All Things Michigan blog deals with how we Michigan natives refer to ourselves. Michigander started out as a disparaging remark about then Michigan governor, Lewis Cass, by future president Abraham Lincoln. Basically, Lincoln compared Cass to a foolish goose by combining Michigan and gander [goose]. Here's a snippet of that Lincoln speech:

But in my hurry I was very near closing on the subject of military tails before I was done with it. There is one entire article of the sort I have not discussed yet; I mean the military tail you Democrats are now engaged in dovetailing onto the great Michigander [i.e. Lewis Cass].

So, what do you refer to yourself as? I prefer Michigander as it doesn't sound as highfalutin' as Michiganian.

[poll id="38"]

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Enjoy a homemade music video featuring Grand Rapids

Andrew Norton

Some ambitious Michigander took the Red Hot Chili Peppers song, "Especially in Michigan," and footage shot around Grand Rapids and created this really neat music video. The video is right around four minutes long and is basically a virtual tour of Grand Rapids with music. Pretty neat!

If the video player does not work you can view the video here.

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