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Downtown Detroit Pure Michigan TV Spot

Andrew Norton

Here is another Detroit Pure Michigan TV Spot that focuses on the downtown area this time. I take my wife and kids to downtown quite a few times a year to watch Tigers games, ride the People Mover, eat at one of the great Greektown restaurants, or watch the MHSAA football finals at Ford Field.

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Photo of Downtown Detroit from 1957

Andrew Norton

This is one of many great old photos that I am in the process of scanning from slides. An entire box of slides purchased at an estate sale has yielded a treasure trove of pictures from all over Michigan during the 1950s. I'll be posting many more as I get them scanned. For now, you can view them at the All Things Michigan Flickr page. I love all of the old cars and the colorful signage of this shot. However, I have no clue as to where in Detroit this would have been taken. I know the photo is from 1957 and the beautiful park might help determine a location.

Anyone have a guess as to where in Detroit this was taken?

Campus Martius Park in Detroit wins national award

Andrew Norton

Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit has won the first-ever Urban Land Institute's Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award. Along with the award's recognition, a $10,000 cash prize is being awarded to the Detroit 300 Conservancy, the group behind the park's development.

The award recognizes an outstanding example of a public open space that has catalyzed the transformation of the surrounding community.

Detroit's Campus Martius Park won over Bremen Street Park in Boston; Falls Park on the Reedy in Greenville, S.C.; Herald and Greeley Square Parks in New York City; Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle; and Schenley Plaza in Pittsburgh.

Amanda Burden, creator of the award and chairwoman of the New York City Planning Commission had this to say about Campus Martius -

"Campus Martius sets the standard for the kind of park that will be celebrated in upcoming years," Burden said this week.

"This park has far exceeded all expectations, in terms of the lift it has provided to Detroit's social and economic well-being."

[Photo by Joyce Pedersen]

Campus Martius Park circa 1899 stunning panoramic photo

Andrew Norton

To see this panoramic photo of downtown Detroit in all of its glory you really should view the high resolution version [it is 34mb]. The old Detroit City Hall is featured prominently in the center of this photo. To the right of that is the grand old Majestic Building which was completed in 1896 and stood until its demolition in 1962. Incidently, the Majestic was designed by Daniel H. Burnham who was one of the creative forces behind the World's Columbian Exposition of 1892 in Chicago.

On the left-hand side of the photo is the Bagley Memorial Fountain which was moved to Cadillac Square in 2007. Just beyond the fountain is Detroit's first skyscraper, The Hammond Building.

In the forefront on the right side you will see the Michigan Soldier's and Sailor's Monument. The white building in the background behind the monument is the Detroit Opera House.

There are so many wonderful things to see in this photo. I love zooming in on the high resolution version and looking at all of the people, streetcars, and old signage. It's a visual cornucopia of Detroit's beautiful architectural history.

Please use the comments to point out any of the other structures in this photo that I have missed noting. Also, for tons of great pictures and history of other notable Detroit buildings you have to visit

Detroit's David Stott and Penobscot Buildings in LEGO

Andrew Norton

When I was a kid, I thought I could make some pretty cool LEGO creations. Then, I see buildings such as these created by Jim Garrett my jaw nearly hits the floor. Get a good look at the David Stott and Penobscot Buildings here in LEGO and then see this photo of the actual buildings.

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Don't forget about Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Andrew Norton

Lost in the shuffle and national audience of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The 80 year tradition of floats, bands, and balloons traveling down Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit will be seen via television by an estimated 100 million people. A funny thing I just learned through this article in the Detroit News is that Macy's is one of the Detroit parade's 200 sponsors. So not only are they the headline sponsor of their historic New York City parade, but they also help to sponsor the Detroit parade. I am not sure if this has always been the case or if it is because they bought out Marshall Fields which bought out Hudson's which used to be based in downtown Detroit.

The parade will begin at 9:20 on Thanksgiving morning and will begin at Mack and Woodward.