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Detroit's David Stott and Penobscot Buildings in LEGO

Andrew Norton

When I was a kid, I thought I could make some pretty cool LEGO creations. Then, I see buildings such as these created by Jim Garrett my jaw nearly hits the floor. Get a good look at the David Stott and Penobscot Buildings here in LEGO and then see this photo of the actual buildings.

At the time of its construction in 1928 the Penobscot was the tallest building in Michigan and the eighth tallest building in the world. The Penobscot name came from a tribe of Native Americans in Maine, the Penobscot, from where the builders' family hailed.

The David Stott building is named after a prominent Detroit businessman who ran a mill and served on several boards of other local corporations. If the real-life David Stott building were to get a good powerwashing it might look brighter and be an even closer match to Jim's LEGO version.

Detroit is home to a wonderful array of architectural wonders and it's great to see others appreciate the buildings enough to re-create them with LEGO.

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