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The ice (not the sky) is falling!

Andrew Norton

A combination of sun and today's wind is causing large chunks of ice to fall off the trees in our yard making it hazardous to partake in any outdoor activities that do not involve playing "dodge the falling ice." The past couple of days the trees have been serenading us with their strange creaks and cracks as they moved their ice-laden branches with the breeze. Today, they are shaking their icy exoskeletons loose and pelting the ground (and our house) with them.

It is an odd sight and sound to see and hear chunks of ice whistling through the air and breaking into hundreds of separate shards upon impact.

Just before I hit the 'post' button on this a large bluejay was either chasing another bird or disoriented due to being hit with falling ice and slammed into the side of our house. He is still in a bush that he flew to after getting off of the ground. He appears to be alright, but it sure looks like he is still disoriented.