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Expect the unexpected at Menards

Andrew Norton

Okay, this is not really "Michigan" themed, but I was so struck by something you wouldn't expect to find at a home improvement store that I had to write about it. After glancing through the Menards ad for this week I tried to think in my head a conversation I might have either in my head (no, no one ever answers my questions) or with my wife before firing up the truck and heading to Menards where I can save big money.

It might go something like this -

*while scanning the flyer and making my list* "Lets see, I need some 8 foot studs, finishing nails, a new belt sander, and . . . Holy Wah! Menards has a 3 lb stick of Summer Sausage for only $5.49! That will go over great for the wife's bridge party tomorrow afternoon. I wonder if they sell cheese and crackers too?"

Who goes to Menards and buys a giant stick of Summer Sausage? I don't know - it just struck me as odd. Maybe everyone else expects to find Summer Sausage at Menards. I don't.