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Are You Wishing For The Snow to Return?

Andrew Norton

If you can't stand the warmer temperatures of late and the lack of snow and slippery roads – just wait a minute or two. We are in Michigan and the weather will change before you know it. Although, it is sad for the winter outdoor enthusiasts and for the merchants and businesses that depend on the snow and cold to stay in business. My son has a book called Snow Dance that he loves to have read to him at least once a day. It is about these kids dancing to make it snow and then school is canceled the next day. My wife (a school teacher) likes to read it to him when there is a snowstorm expected and she is hoping for a snow day.

Whether you believe you can make it snow by dancing or not, there are some people (mostly kids) who go to great lengths to make the snow start falling. Check out the article “Let It Snow! Rituals abound in Michigan's U.P., other cold climes” as it appears on the Detroit News website. I laughed out loud at the kid who flushes ice cubes down the toilet to encourage a snowstorm.

Also, for all of you snow enthusiasts or amateur meteorologists out there – you might want to head on over to the National Snow Analysis on the NOAA website. They have all kinds of stats and maps that will enable you to have all kinds of fun avoiding work.