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Video of a Mackinac Bridge Crossing

Andrew Norton

Someone videotaped their trip over the Mackinac Bridge while listening to the history of the bridge that is played on AM 530 out of St. Ignace and AM 1610 out of Mackinaw City. If you have ever crossed the bridge you might remember that the Mackinac Bridge Authority uses these two radio stations for alerts about the bridge conditions and information on how to have a safe crossing. In between loops of the bridge conditions (when there are not high winds or other problem-causing storms present) the radio stations play a brief history of the Mackinac Bridge.

Anyway, this video shows a Mackinac Bridge crossing from the viewpoint of the driver and in the background you can get an audio history of the Mighty Mac. At first I thought a passenger was recording the video as you really should use both hands on the steering wheel when crossing the bridge. Then, towards the end of the video the camera pans to an empty passenger seat which would lead me to believe that it must be the driver recording the video. Unless there is someone leaning forward from the backseat and recording out of the front windshield.

The video is just under 3.5 minutes. If you have trouble viewing the video through this blog you can see it directly at here. All Things Michigan and Gift Baskets From Michigan LLC are not responsible for the other content that might be found at and are only recommending this particular video.