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Michigan's Upper Peninsula Top 10 Vacation Destination

Andrew Norton

Michigan's Upper Peninsula has joined the likes of the Greek Islands, London, Russia, and Scandanavia as a Top 10 summer vacation destination according to The website touts itself as "your unbiased guide to top deals and destinations." How cool is it to have the spotlight on the U.P.? We could certainly use the good stories about our state to help our tourism industry.

Here is what has to say about our beloved Upper Peninsula:

"If city-living gets too hot, pack up some marshmallows, hot dogs, and camping gear and head to the refreshing Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where majestic wildlife, unspoiled rivers, waterfalls, and dense forests abound. Blessed with some 1700 miles of shoreline along three of the Great Lakes – Superior, Michigan and Huron – it should come as no surprise that fishing, canoeing, and camping are prime activities here, with moose, bears, and beavers as common companions. The region’s strong Native American and French Canadian heritage are experienced everywhere as well; enclaves with names like Sault Ste-Marie and bridges like the Mackinac hearken back to the days of the earliest settlers. You’ll probably feel like one of North America’s earliest explorers yourself as you paddle the waterways here and set up camp in the woods."

Thanks to an article in The Mining Journal that pointed this great news out.