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More stupid Michigan crooks

Andrew Norton

I can say with some certainty that this was probably the last thing that Mark Hunter expected when he sat down to watch some television. While sitting in his living room watching television, two thieves entered Hunter's home through a sliding glass door and stole his flat-screen television. Hunter watched, dumbfounded at the thieves boldness, helplessly as he was outnumbered by the brazen duo. The theft was later reported by Hunter when he recognized one of the alleged crooks, Shawn Robert Kimbrough, on the news (presumably on another television he owns).

Don't you love that you must still refer to thieves as "alleged" even though you have eyewitnesses catching them in the act of the theft and matching serial numbers on the "allegedly" stolen television found at the "alleged" thieves' apartment that tie it to the "alleged" crime?

From the Traverse City Record Eagle -

Kimbrough was out on bond for home invasion, felonious assault and possession of a Taser when the second home invasion charge was filed. Kimbrough was charged with the first three felonies when he allegedly broke into his neighbor's apartment on Oct. 12.

Kimbrough is only 19 and did not appear to have a very good October. Hope November turns out better for him.