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Remember the hockey game at Spartan Stadium?

Andrew Norton

It was billed as the Cold War. A hockey game between MSU and U of M in front of 74,544 fans - setting a world record. It was also significant because the momentum for the game was building all through the summer and then the terrorists struck on September 11, 2001 which put a damper on things. It was the first large event my wife and I had attended since 9-11 and I remember how it took forever to get in because of the security. They looked through fans' blankets, purses, and stadium seats, but people didn't seem to mind due to recent events.

I remember the week leading up to the game when they were trying to get the ice surface created and we had unusually warm weather with temps in the 80s which created fears that the ice would not hold up for the game. No worries though, because this is Michigan and the weather can change rather drastically around here.

By the time the puck dropped at 7:05 pm on October 7, 2001 temps were hovering around freezing. I remember breaking out the winter coat, gloves and insulated boots. We sat up in the top deck of Spartan Stadium with the wind whipping our faces until our eyes watered.

Mammoth mugs of hot chocolate were purchased to help us keep warm as we watched the Wolverines and Spartans finish in a tie, 3-3. It was pretty cool to see this hockey game with so many other fans. I came across this video on YouTube which led made me think back to the game and write this post.

Watch highlights from the game -

If the player does not work, use this link.

MDOT helps U of M and MSU fans get to the game on time

Andrew Norton

Via the Detroit News Fans of U of M and MSU have some good news before the football season even starts. MDOT has special websites dedicated to helping fans get to Spartan Stadium and the Big House.

U of M fans will want to check out the Wolverine dedicated website here.

Spartan fans should check out the website here.

Both sites list construction projects along known routes to the stadiums in East Lansing and Ann Arbor. In addition you might want to check out

Just one more great service from our award winning State of Michigan website,