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Was Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan behind Michigan Is Amazing?

Andrew Norton

Yesterday, after posting about shutting down on January 31, 2008 I did some quick searching to find out just who was behind this blog/website. A WhoIs Lookup didn't tell me a thing as any private data was hidden. I then remembered seeing BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield) of Michigan ads prominently displayed at So, I googled "bcbs michigan+michigan is amazing" and the first search result took me to this blog post.

It looks like she figures that BCBS was behind the site, but like me, couldn't figure out why things were not made more obvious as to who was backing I also remember they had ads online at the Detroit Free Press and other Michigan newspapers pointing you to the site. Maybe BCBS of Michigan were just trying to build some goodwill for themselves by showcasing our wonderful state.

Anyone else have any ideas?

I still think that Michigan is Amazing

Andrew Norton shuttered their virtual doors on January 31, 2008. While not one of my daily visits (I caught up with the site once a week or so) it was an interesting site that tried to get Michigan residents to use stories, photos, and comments to tell their version of why Michigan is amazing. It's too bad that they are no longer around. I am not sure why they have closed the site or if this was all a planned publicity effort by Michigan's tourism promotion folks.

Now, the main page points you to a handful of sites with one of them being Pure Michigan Experiences which is run by the state through This looks to be similar to what offered as far as user submitted content.

There is something about personal recommendations that I just can't resist. I love reading what other people think of different places in Michigan that I, too, have been able to visit.

Anyway, I still think that Michigan Is Amazing and I'll keep plugging along trying to convince others the same thing via this blog and our Michigan gift baskets.

Have a Great Day!