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Great photos of many of Michigan's 'oddities'

Andrew Norton

While I was uploading photos to the All Things Michigan photostream at yesterday I came across some wonderful Michigan photo groups. One such group was the Michigan Oddities group. Here are some of the gems in this delightfully odd group:

  • Domke's Dinosaur Gardens
  • A number of giant Paul Bunyan statues
  • The world's largest weather vane
  • A giant chicken in front of the Cherry Bowl Drive-in
  • The world's largest picnic table

See some of Michigan's Oddities for yourself.

Odd Michigan Vanity Plates

Andrew Norton

I checked out this book from the library, Michillaneous, that is full of all sorts of wierd/odd facts and occurances in Michigan. A listing of occupational vanity plates caused me to chuckle so I will share them with you. The book was published in 1982 so I don't believe the plates are very recent.

  • PPMD - Urologist
  • EYEGUY - Eye Doctor
  • EI EI O - Farmer
  • SU EM - Lawyer
  • LOC M UP - Policeman
  • TOT DOC - Pediatrician
  • 2THAKE - Dentist
  • I BILDM - Contractor