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My five favorite Detroit Tigers home runs

Andrew Norton

This is my personal Top Five list of Detroit Tigers home runs. They might not all be famous, but they were chosen due to their significance to me and my lifelong love of the Tigers. Kirk Gibson, Game 5 of the 1984 World Series Growing up my favorite Tiger was Kirk Gibson. I thought he was awesome and that the Tigers would always be a good (if not great) team. Gibson left via free agency after the 1987 season (and go on to hit one of, if not, THE most definitive World Series home runs in 1988) and it would be nearly 20 years before Detroit would return to the postseason.

This happens to be my favorite moment of both Sparky Anderson and Kirk Gibson. "He don't wanna walk ya!"

The pivotal moment of Game Five in the 1984 World Series. Two on, one out, and the Tigers clinging to a 5-4 lead and trying to clinch their 4th championship.

Magglio Ordonez, Game 4 of the 2006 ALCS October 14, 2006 - 22 years to the day that the Tigers won the World Series in 1984, Magglio Ordonez stepped up to the plate in a 3-3 tie with a chance to send the Tigers to the World Series.

Bottom of the 9th, two on, two outs, and Magglio Ordonez took a 1-0 pitch into the stands in left field sending Tigers fans everywhere into boundless joy. I was a kid the last time the Tigers won the World Series and I felt like a kid (actually jumping and hollering as the ball was in flight) when Ordonez sent them back.

I still get chills watching this :).

September 27, 1999 - the last hit at Tiger Stadium Rob Fick gave the grand old ballpark a fitting farewell when he smacked a grand slam home run onto the right field roof.

Carlos Guillen exacts his revenge on Jered Weaver for being a jerk to his pal Magglio July 31, 2011 - this is extra special to me because my family was actually at this game. Justin Verlander was working a perfect game going into the 8th inning and I had butterflies in my stomach as we watched potential history being made.

Oh, and there was all kinds of other drama. In the fourth inning, Magglio Ordonez hit a two run home run that just went fair. He didn't leave the batter's box right away because he was watching to see if it would be fair or foul. Well, the Angels' pitcher, Jered Weaver, thought that Ordonez was showboating and screamed at him as Magglio trotted around the bases.

Carlos Guillen was really good friends with Ordonez and took exception to Jered treating his buddy like that so in the 7th inning when Guillen hit a no doubt home run to right field, he purposely showboated by flipping his bat and staring down Weaver. Alex Avila was the next batter and Weaver threw at his head in retaliation. He was quickly tossed from the game and then just lost it in one of the better on-field temper tantrums I have seen by a player.

The next inning, Verlander lost his perfect game and no-hitter, but I will always remember this game for all of the additional drama.

September 3, 2011 - Miguel Cabrera walk-off home run I can't have a list like this without including something from Miguel Cabrera. September 3, 2011 - the Tigers were down by 7 runs to the White Sox after the top of the 5th inning. They were still down 8-6 going into the 9th inning when Ryan Raburn hit a two run home run to tie it.

With two outs and the game still tied, the foolish White Sox chose to pitch to Cabrera with first base open. They would immediately regret the decision as Miggy took the first pitch he saw and parked it into the left field stands to end the game. Walk-off win!

October 14th - A Memorable Day in Detroit Tigers History

Andrew Norton

Today, October 14th, is a date which lives in Detroit Tigers infamy. Three significant events occurred on this date for the Detroit Tigers. October 14, 1908

The Detroit Tigers lost to the Chicago Cubs 2-0 in the deciding game five of the 1908 World Series. This would be the last time that the Cubs would win the World Series (as of 2010, anyway). The game attendance of 6,210 at Bennett Park ranks as the lowest ever for a World Series game. With the Cubs' 1907-08 World Series championships, they became baseball's first dynasty.

October 14, 1984

The Tigers were leading the 1984 World Series 3 games to 1 over the San Diego Padres. Interestingly enough, the Cubs could have had a World Series rematch against the Tigers, but they collapsed after a 2-0 NLCS lead over the Padres.

The Tigers held a 5-4 lead going into the bottom of the 8th in Game Five of the World Series. Kirk Gibson came to the plate with runners on second and third and Goose Gossage on the mound - an intentional walk would have been in order. After all, Gibson had already belted a home run in the first inning to give the Tigers the early 3-0 lead.

However, Gibson was 1 for 10 against Gossage during his career up to that point and Gossage told his manager, Dick Williams, that he could strike out Gibson. The count was 1-0 and Tigers manager, Sparky Anderson, yelled from the dugout, "He don't want to walk you!" and gave the motion for swing away. Gibson ripped a 1-0 fastball into the upper deck in right field for a three run home run and pretty much assured the Tigers faithful that the Detroit Tigers would be the 1984 World Series Champions.

October 14, 2006

The Detroit Tigers were one win away from sweeping the Oakland A's and going on to the World Series. Game four of the 2006 ALCS was a back and forth affair and the Tigers had to claw their way back from a 3-0 deficit. In the bottom of the 9th the score was tied 3-3.

With two outs in the bottom of the 9th, Craig Monroe and Placido Polanco each hit singles. Magglio Ordonez came up to the plate with two on and two outs. On a 1-0 count Magglio absolutely crushed Huston Street's fastball into the left field stands for a three run walk off home run to send the Tigers to the 2006 World Series.

I just about cried watching Magglio circle the bases with his fist in the air, the pure joy of Craig Monroe waving both arms over his head, and Placido Polanco happily skipping all the way to home plate. Man, what a moment. Even today I get goosebumps just watching the replay.