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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Celebrating the top posts over the years with this 1,000th post

Andrew Norton

Ever since the post counter showed 999 Total Posts I have been struggling to come up with something worthy of Post Number 1,000. Consequently, I haven't posted anything in a long time due to Post Number 1,000 staring me in the face and demanding a worthy tribute. I decided to run a list of the Top Ten Posts here at the All Things Michigan blog. This humble little blog started back on November 10, 2005 with a post about The Leetsville Shoe Tree. I started this blog as an attempt to help do what I could to promote the state of Michigan.

Mind you, this was before the bottom fell out of the Michigan (and subsequently national) economy. This was back before it was trendy to outwardly support Michigan and before a slew of pro-Michigan websites (which I think are great!) sprang up. You could say that I was promoting Michigan when promoting Michigan wasn't cool (to borrow a phrase from a country song).

Without further ado, here are the Top Ten Posts at All Things Michigan:

  1. John Rich performs Shutting Detroit Down
  2. Time lapse video of 2009 Chicago to Mackinac sailboat race
  3. Is the Michigan State Fair the nation’s oldest?
  4. The music behind the Pure Michigan ads
  5. The German POW camps of Michigan during WWII
  6. Top Ten Things to do in Michigan in the Fall
  7. I give a standing ovation to Mitch Albom’s Sports Illustrated article
  8. Stop in at Tony’s I-75 Restaurant
  9. 1st Annual Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing
  10. Bear Cave in Buchanan

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Top five posts at All Things Michigan this week

Andrew Norton

I've been a bit crunched for time this week so I thought I would briefly highlight the Top Five posts at the All Things Michigan blog for this week.

  1. Take a Michigan Fall Color Tour
  2. Top Ten Things to do in Michigan in the Fall
  3. Apple picking time at Hubbard's Corey Lake Orchards
  4. Corn mazes and apple picking time in Michigan
  5. Stop in at Tony's I-75 Restaurant
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Andrew Norton

Well, you're probably asking yourself, "What is twitter and why should I follow you?" Twitter is like a blog only instead of unlimited characters (you know, letters, spaces and numbers ;) ) you are limited to 140 characters. It's been described as micro-blogging. I've been using it for brief updates on uploaded photos to the All Things Michigan photostream at, new gift baskets, Squidoo pages, Michigan travel locales/deals, and many other "brief" items. Sometimes it is just to shout out that there is a new blog post here at All Things Michigan for those of you that have not subscribed.

So, if you're interested feel free to - Follow me on Twitter.