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Pfizer sales pfizzle and Michigan loses more jobs

Andrew Norton

Pfizer sales suffered in 2006 and the result is that Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo residents lose places of employment while the state loses another 2,410 jobs. Pfizer is looking to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide by the end of 2008. This makes the Michigan cuts alone nearly 25% of their planned total job cuts. This might hurt on a state level, but the real pain is in the communities of Kalamazoo/Portage and Ann Arbor.

There is a great quote from Tom Watkins, former state school superintendent, in the Free Press article -

Michigan adds jobs in tear drops, like Google, and loses them in roaring tsunamis.

Too true.

It's like we are a ship taking on water and we are bailing it out with a teaspoon.

What is our esteemed Governor's plan?

We’re going to have a whole ‘Stick Around Ann Arbor’ campaign for these employees, because we want them to stay here,” Granholm said.

I don't fault Granholm for Pfizer cutting these jobs. The blame lies with Pfizer - if you want to blame someone. They're cutting costs to raise their bottom line and keep the shareholders happy.

Granholm's position as governor of Michigan is to work with the state legislature and formulate a plan for job growth. Pfizer didn't cut these jobs because Michigan's tax rates were unfair or they didn't like the mole on Granholm's face. They are looking after their bottom line as do all major corporations.

Our state needs some serious fixing - any solutions?

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