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Three truths turned up in the Granholm vs. DeVos debate

Andrew Norton

Well, you would have to sift through a lot of rhetoric and all too typical mud-slinging by both candidates last night to find some interesting points made by either candidate. This wasn't a debate, it was more like a schoolyard fistfight. It was exactly what I hoped it would not be. However, I was able to sort through the debate trash and find a few gems. Here they are:

  1. Dick DeVos still lacks specifics for certain aspects of his plan to turn Michigan around. He wants to replace the Single Business Tax with a lesser and broader tax that will leave the state short about $1 billion. Granholm told him good luck finding $1 billion in the budget to cut and that more cuts in the budget will lead to necessary services for the young, old, and poor to be cut.
  2. DeVos challenged Granholm on her claims when she first took office that in 1 and 1/2 years Michigan would be on the right track. Her 2006 State of the State address mentioned a 5 Year Plan for Michigan's economic recovery. The Lunchbucket Conservative Blog mentions a famous Ronald Reagan quote from a debate in 1980 - "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?"
  3. Granholm was the better debater. She was calm, cool, and in control of the debate while appearing to keep DeVos on the run a little bit. Whether or not winning debates means winning the election in November remains to be seen.

Hopefully as these debates progress we will see more meat to significant issues and a plan of some kind from both candidates become clear. I think this debate was a kind of reconnaissance mission to scout out each other and see how they would react to certain issues.

For a few clips of the debate head over to WWMT Channel 3 for an almost 5 minute long video of some of the highlights of the debate.