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Granholm and DeVos in a Battle for Governor of Michigan

Andrew Norton

We have yet to see any real nasty mudslinging (and that is a good thing) from either Jennifer Granholm or Dick DeVos in their campaigns for the 2006 Michigan Gubernatorial election. Sure, there have been small snipes and light jabs, but no malicious attacks have been launched (again, that is a good thing). It must be tough to have to campaign in Michigan in the summer. I can not imagine trying to turn people's attention to politics when there are so many fairs, festivals, and fun things to do and see. Not that Michigan voters are apathetic or unconcerned about our economy, jobs, roads, and public schools. A quick Google search (I searched this phrase in quotes "michigan politics") turned up over 73,000 results.

An article in The Detroit News highlights the battle that awaits the incumbent, Jennifer Granholm, and the challenger, Dick DeVos. Hey, while I am thinking of it. You need to register to vote (if you have not yet done so) no later than October 10 if you want to have a say (and you should) in who is Michigan's next governor.

By the way, DeVos is pronounced de-vaus. Recently, my sister was talking about somebody named DeeVoehs (her pronunciation, not mine). I thought she was talking about that rock group, Devo. Boy, did I ever laugh when I figured out she was talking about Dick DeVos :).