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Dick DeVos Knows His Business

Andrew Norton

Dick DeVos spoke with the Detroit Economic Club on Tuesday and expounded on how his experience running a business translates into turning around Michigan's economy. The question remains if he becomes our next Governor is, will the Michigan House and Senate work with him and make the tough decisions (i.e. giving the power back to the people) that our state needs to make? For instance, one of the things DeVos would cut to save our state money is the position of Surgeon General which was created by our current Governor, Jennifer Granholm. Um, I didn't know our state had a surgeon general which leads me to ask, why do we have one? If the people of the state don't know about the position, cut it because it can't be all that important.

I will say that DeVos has been rather vague about a plan for our state. If he truly wants to jumpstart Michigan's economy he needs to start laying out his plan/vision. We already know what we have with Granholm. We need to see what her contendor has in store for Michigan.

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