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Twenty Essential Camping Tips

Andrew Norton

I feel the need to impart a quick list of camping tips to help make your next camping endeavor a pleasant one. Every camper always picks up a new trick or technique on any given outing. Whether you copy something you saw from another camper or "invented" a new way of starting a fire out of necessity (i.e. forgot the matches). Have no fear. We have compiled a top twenty list to get you started and you can add things as you see fit.

  1. Canning rings can be use to cook your eggs in for egg sandwiches.
  2. Plastic butter tubs make good storage containers for your camp kitchen
  3. Waterproof matches by dipping in melted paraffin
  4. Make fire starters by filling paper condiment cups with saw dust and pouring paraffin into the cup
  5. Put matches in corrugated cardboard strips (about every other hole) and dip into paraffin for fire starters
  6. Prescription bottles make good match safes
  7. Laundry lint makes good tinder
  8. Cover the ice in a picnic cooler with foil to help it last longer
  9. Run candle stubs along the edge of a saw to help it glide better
  10. To help shed burrs easily, rub the laces of your hiking boots with paraffin before hitting the trail
  11. Keep a dry bar of soap in your sleeping bag to combat musty odors which develop during damp-season camping
  12. When handling evergreens or pine cones, they can remove the sticky sap from their hands easily if they use baking soda instead of soap to wash
  13. To keep mosquitoes away rub the inside of an orange peel on face, arms and legs
  14. Don't forget the heavy-duty aluminum foil. There are many uses for it at camp
  15. Prepare soups, stews or chili etc ahead of time. Freeze and keep in cooler. Reheat for a quick meal
  16. To avoid unwanted visits from animals, keep food stored away or hang above ground level
  17. Put a pan of hot water on the fire while you eat so that it'll be ready for cleanup when you are done
  18. To remove odors from your cooler, wipe with a water and baking soda solution
  19. Check with the campground about security and quiet hours. Be respectful of others
  20. NEVER forget your tent!