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Campfires, S'mores, and Baseball

Andrew Norton

We had our first campfire of the year last night. It was a gorgeous day and we spent the afternoon working in the flowerbeds and just enjoying the warmth. Below is a picture of our campfire.

First campfire of 2006

I didn't have the camera with me when the fire was blazing out of the sides and catching the wooden handle on fire. We had a lot of sticks in the fire pit that we had picked up this spring and they really generated some heat. I had to get some water and soak down what was left of the handle in hopes of salvaging it.

A nontraditional campfire meal of spaghetti was shared around the fire followed by some delicious schmoes (s'mores to you). I really don't know where we came up with calling s'mores schmoes. At some point our family just started calling them that and it has stuck.

We would have roasted hot dogs, but my son and I had hot dogs for lunch to help get in the mood for the Detroit Tigers home opener yesterday. Even though the Tigers lost I wish I could have been there. Anyway, we had a great day yesterday. :)