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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Stop in at The Ice Cream Shop in Mears

Andrew Norton

On a recent trip up north to Manistee the family and I stopped at The Ice Cream Shop in Mears. It's under the umbrella of the Oceana Fruit Company in a string of neat little stores along the downtown area. Anyway, it's a great "old timey" looking ice cream shop with a huge black chalkboard displaying the available flavors, arched metal-backed chairs, little round tables, and an antique white porcelain "bubbling" drinking fountain to wash down the healthy portions of ice cream. The neatest detail about The Ice Cream Shop is the old player piano tucked away in the corner. I had thought it was just for decoration until one of the young ladies behind the counter walked over to it and inserted a roll of music. I was thinking, "How neat, a little musical ambiance while we eat our ice cream." When the music started the young lady began to sing along to the delight of everyone in the shop. She had a nice voice and it made for a neat surprise.

After that song, she put in a couple selections from the musical, Grease, and the other gal behind the counter joined her for two wonderfully entertaining duets. It was a fun experience all around with great ice cream and entertainment.