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2009 Banished Words List

Andrew Norton

Once again, Lake Superior State University has delivered their annual Banished Words List. With 2008 being an election year there were a plethora of words available to choose for the 2009 list.

  • Green - as in "green" technology, etc.
  • Carbon Footprint or Carbon Offsetting
  • Maverick
  • First Dude
  • Bailout
  • Wall Street/Main Street
  • Monkey - I guess it's popular to add "monkey" to a word for amusement, I missed out on this one evidently.
  • <3 - resembles a heart so you can use even less effort to say "I love you"
  • Icon or Iconic
  • Game Changer
  • Staycation - it's like a vacation only you don't go anywhere - ugh.
  • Desperate Search
  • Not So Much
  • Winner of Five Nominations - as in Academy Awards, etc.
  • It's That Time of Year Again

Submit your nomination for the 2010 list. Read all of the comments and leave comments for this list at