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Replace Tiger Stadium With Target? Ugh!

Andrew Norton

Today's Free Press has another article in the ongoing saga of the "will they or won't they demolish tiger stadium" fiasco. Tiger Stadium's odds of being demolished are pretty good. The cash strapped city of Detroit can not keep paying Mike Ilitch for maintenance (what maintenance?) and security and there have not been any well researched plans for an alternative use of the stadium. The article claims that the worst-case scenario would be for there to just be another vacant lot once the stadium has been demolished. I say that putting some chain store like Target there would be much worse to see. At least with a vacant lot there could at least be a plaque of some kind commemorating the history of Tiger Stadium.

What would a store like Target do? Change their store's color scheme to Tiger blue and orange?

Anyway, a cooler idea also proposed in the article is to demolish the stadium, but keep the playing field and surround it with smaller stores, apartments, and condos. How cool would it be to live there and have the playing field of Tiger Stadium in your backyard as a park?

All I know is that I would love to be able to have a couple of the chairs from the stadium. They could auction stuff off and donate the proceeds to a charity. A win-win situation for fans and the city.