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One of the six most sought after Great Lakes shipwrecks found

Andrew Norton

Last Friday, Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates announced that they had found one of their six most-sought-after Great Lakes shipwrecks. Off the shore from South Haven and under about 230 feet of water they located the Hennepin. Despite its wooden hull, the Hennepin remains in favorable condition due to Lake Michigan's cold fresh water. Built in 1888, the Hennepin was converted into a self-unloader around 1901. As all Boat Nerds know, the self-unloader is the prototypical Great Lakes freighter on the lakes today.

In the 1920s the Hennepin was only used as a barge and towed due to its unstable hull. On August 18, 1927 she sunk in a squall midway between Chicago and its destination of Grand Haven. Attempts by the crew to save her were unsuccessful and all escaped safely aboard the tugboat.

Check out some underwater footage of the Hennepin shipwreck from WWMT Channel 3. The video is a little over two minutes long and provides some real neat shots of the wreck.

For some ultra clear underwater photos of the Hennepin head over to I am amazed at how well the wood has stood the test of time these 79 years.

Via WWMT News 3 out of Kalamazoo