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Excellent posters celebrating Mackinac Bridge's 50th for only $4

Andrew Norton

5-23-08 UPDATE:The bridge posters have sold out and it does not appear that the state will be producing any more anytime soon.

The Mackinac Bridge officially opened on November 1, 1957 and this year is celebrating 50 years of spanning the straits. Part of the year-long celebration is the introduction of four really great 50th Anniversary posters of the Mighty Mac.

The $4 fee for each poster includes - postage, printing, and sales tax. I think I might buy the whole set and build a custom frame to hold them all.

I can't imagine they are making much (if any) money off of these. If they are actually making a small profit on the posters, I haven't the foggiest what it would be for. Hopefully a charity (of course with the state's budget the way it is - Michigan could possibly qualify as a charity these days) would be the recipient of any funds.

Here are the thumbnails of the actual posters. You can view somewhat larger versions at

Mackinac Bridge Poster 1 30 X 12 - Printed in Silver & Black
Mackinac Bridge Poster 2 30 X 12
Macinac Bridge Poster 3 16 X 25
Mackinac Bridge Poster 4 15 X 30

You can order by phone, fax, or snail mail and can pay by check or credit card. For more information head over to