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Documentary On Tiger Stadium to Premiere April 24th

Andrew Norton

Stranded at the Corner, premiering April 24 at the Gem Theater, is a documentary that looks at the history and fate of Tiger Stadium. Tiger Stadium is baseball's oldest playing field still in existence (although unused) and will turn 100 years old in 2012 only if it is still standing.

The Corner

The documentary covers Tiger Stadium's illustrious history as well as the steps that have led to its possible demise. Tickets will be $8.50 at the door or you can save a couple bucks and get them for $6 at the Stranded at the Corner website. You can also view some video clips from the documentary as well as get information about a DVD of Stranded at the Corner.

What would have been really cool (and ironic) is if they could have erected a screen in the outfield of Tiger Stadium and shown it there. Of course, the Ilitch (evil empire?) family would never allow such "blasphemy" to be shown. The city of Detroit owns the property so why does the Ilitch family have the final say in Tiger Stadium's use and fate?

The Ilitch's would not allow any activities for baseball's All-Star weekend to take place at Tiger Stadium, but they did allow Snoop Dogg to have a beer-sponsored party there for the Super Bowl weekend. Why? Does the Ilitch family use their redevelopment of downtown Detroit as leverage with the city? Do they know the whereabouts of the late(?) Jimmy Hoffa?

Here are some articles I have posted already about the future of Tiger Stadium - Replace Tiger Stadium with Target - Ugh! Say it Ain't so, Tiger Stadium to be Demolished?

Check out a history of Tiger Stadium with facts, figures, and the ballpark's dimensions.