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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Turnaround Tuesday

Andrew Norton

While finishing up the rescue of my old computer last night (long story - just be careful when upgrading an old machine to Windows XP Service Pack 3) the "fresh start" I was getting with my computer made me think about change. You hear a lot about change these days, usually from Presidential candidates or anyone seeking office for that matter. We hear a lot about change here in Michigan in regards to our economy and how we need to change from a workforce that is dependent on the auto industry. But the thing about change is that you can't just talk about change - you have to get out and do it. Change doesn't have to be big to be meaningful. The trick is not to change something just for the sake of change.

My goal is to make Tuesday - Turnaround Tuesday. I'm going to change how I do one thing each Tuesday. It could be that I change how I start my day or something bigger such as how I process gift basket orders. We've been running Gift Baskets From Michigan LLC for six years now and I'm tired of feeling stuck in a rut. I personally don't like the excuse people use for not changing, "but that's how we have always done it." If how you're doing something isn't working, stop it and find a way to do it better.

My change for today is to look over our gift baskets and the products we put in each basket and think of ways to change at least one of the gift baskets. I already have an idea for one of the baskets from a friend on Twitter.