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Anatomy of a Murder turns 50

Andrew Norton

The bestselling novel, Anatomy of a Murder, written by John D. Voelker (under the pen name Robert Traver) and published in 1958 is celebrating 50 years of being in print. Events will take place in Ishpeming, Marquette, and Lansing to mark this historic novel's 50th Anniversary. About a year ago I built a page about the actual murder the book and movie are based on that includes movie clips and other trivia bits about Anatomy of a Murder.

Upcoming Events Include -

Things kickoff September 18 at 7pm in the Carnegie Public Library, Ishpeming, Michigan.

Kick-off event will include the unveiling of the Voelker Collection web exhibit by the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives about the writing of Anatomy of a Murder. Activities will also include refreshments at the library and a self-guided walking tour of Voelker sites in Ishpeming.

The film "Anatomy of a Murder" will be shown September 19 at 7pm at the Marquette County Courthouse where the courtroom scenes were shot.

For a full list of events visit the 50th Anniversary page.

Bonus! Watch a courtroom scene from the movie. One of (if not THE) best court dramas ever filmed.