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Down, down, down go Michigan gas prices

Andrew Norton

Gas prices across Michigan are averaging $2.303 per gallon this week (9/18/06). Here in southwest Michigan the price that I keep seeing is $2.27 for regular unleaded. As little as one month ago we were paying $2.921 here in Michigan. One year ago the price of fuel was at $2.733.

Once again the pundits and "experts" are making predictions about future gas prices. It is not a question of how high they will go, but of how low they will go. I read somewhere last week that someone is predicting that gas will go as low as $1.15 per gallon.

I highly doubt that will happen. With the drastic drop in gas prices at the pump I have already heard the OPEC rumblings about how to stop the plummeting prices for a barrel of oil.

The recent price drop is nice and I have low expectations for the price drop to continue for too much longer. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.

Happy Monday! :)

Gas price data courtesy of AAA's Fuel Gauge Report.