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Michigan gas prices below those of this time last year

Andrew Norton

Last year at this time Michigan gas prices were averaging $2.57 per gallon. As of this today, the average price is $2.46. However, here in southwest Michigan I haven't seen anything below $2.59 yet today. Prices were in the $2.43 range over the weekend and then jumped $.13 this morning. Why? You got me - the price for a barrel of oil went down so it can't be that. is reporting the lowest price for gas in Michigan at $2.21 in Lapeer at the Meijer gas station on Demille road. The hot spot for the highest gas prices is at the Sunoco station in Remus on the corner of M-20 and M-66.

Gas price data courtesy of AAA's Fuel Gauge Report.

Michigan gas prices hold steady at their highest prices in the past few months

Andrew Norton

The average price of regular unleaded in Michigan is $2.54 as of this morning. It has hovered around the $2.50 mark for a little over a week now. One year ago we were paying $2.46 which doesn't make our current prices look too terrible until you see that just one month ago we were paying $2.26 per gallon. According to the lowest gas price in Michigan is at the Marathon station in Mount Morris at Dort Hwy and Mt Morris Rd for $2.39. The highest price is at the Zephr station in Newberry on Newberry Ave (M123) for $2.67!

Gas price data courtesy of AAA's Fuel Gauge Report.

Michigan gas prices rising faster than the temperature

Andrew Norton

Gas prices across Michigan are averaging $2.52 as of today, March 5. This is up $.33 from the average price of $2.19 just one month ago. We are currently $.11 higher than the average price of one year ago - $2.41. The lowest reported price in Michigan from is $2.35 at the Admiral station in Swartz Creek at Miller Rd. and Second. The highest gas price is $2.74 at the Shell station in Paradise.

Fuel price data courtesy of AAA's Fuel Gauge Report.

Read the Detroit Free Press article on the highest Michigan gas prices in 5 months.

Michigan gas prices are just under $2.30 per gallon

Andrew Norton

Michigan gas prices went down just a bit to an average of $2.29 as of this morning. One year ago we were paying $2.17. Just one month ago we were under the $2 threshold at $1.95. That was when we hadn't had our winter yet and the mild weather had helped push demand for heating oil and natural gas down which gave us the lower gas prices.

On a positive note, Spring officially begins one month from tomorrow on March 20. With warmer temperatures expected this week lets all 'think spring!'

Gas price data courtesy of AAA's Fuel Gauge Report.

Cold temps push Michigan gas prices up again

Andrew Norton

Regular unleaded gasoline is averaging $2.27 per gallon in Michigan this morning. That is up $.06 from the average of $2.21 at this time last week. One month ago we were paying $2.12 and at this time last year the average price of gas in Michigan was $2.24. Cold temperatures have caused a spike in heating fuels such as natural gas and heating oil which in turn causes an increase in gasoline.

Gas price data courtesy of AAA's Fuel Gauge Report.

Rotten news for Michigan on a Monday morning

Andrew Norton

Boy, I don't know which is worse. The fact that Michigan gas prices are up to a $2.21 average when just a few weeks ago we were under $2, our state budget crisis, or the fact that in a Detroit Free Press/Local 4 poll 46% of those polled would vote for Hillary Clinton. What a crummy start to the week.

We need another Clinton in the White House like we needed another Bush in the White House. When will America learn that one family member in the White House is enough?

On a lighter note, our state is in some serious fiscal shape (catch that wonderful sarcasm?). We are up the proverbial creek without the use of a paddle. Have no fear, though, my fellow Michiganians.

Our illustrious governor will be letting us all in on her great plan during her 5th State of the State address on Tuesday night. Remember last year's address? That was when she made fodder for Dick DeVos' television campaign with the infamous line - "and in Five years, you're going to be blown away!"

I hope she wasn't off by a decade or two in her prediction of when Michigan's economy will rebound.

Woohoo! For those of you wondering what wonderful sound bites she will have this year - stay tuned. I will have my thoughts on the address posted sometime on Wednesday.